How To Advertise on TrashTrucksOnline

Listing your items on TrashTrucksOnline is extremely easy. But we encourage you to call us if you have questions, particularly if you are interested in a Dealer Subscription plan. We'll be glad to help you get that started, and will even do the initial set-up including the ad listings. At NO CHARGE!

We offer our customers two great pricing options. The Basic "Pay per Listing" option allows you to pay for Classified listings each time you place one on our site. If you have one or two items to sell, this is the best option.

If you have 3 or more items to sell, your best value will be a subscription based Dealer Plan which allows you to place a specific number of listings.  You set the level that best meets your needs. There are no contracts, no commissions, and no other obligations. All Dealer Plans include 12 photos and video with each listing, virtually unlimited copy, and all the changes you want to make. If you sell a truck, you can cancel that listing and put another in its place. As long as the number of active listings stays within the plan's maximum allowed, you can make all the changes, cancellations and additions you want.

For more information or help starting your Dealer subscription, don't hesitate to contact us. Please review the pricing schedule below before registering to use TrashTrucksOnline.

Basic Plan (Pay Per Listing)


Basic Add-On Features


Dealer Subscription Plans

 $60.00 Per Month
 $90.00 Per Month
 $125.00 Per Month
 $175.00 Per Month
 $250.00 Per Month
 $360.00 Per Month
 $600.00 Per Month

Subscription Add-On Features

$25.00 Per Month
$1.00 Each Per Month
$1.00 Each Per Month

Additional Advertising Opportunities

 $100.00 Per Month
 $200.00 Per Month
 $800.00 Per Month

NOTE: Please contact us for any of these additional advertising options, as they require custom design and programming (no charge for this service). Email:, or Phone 423-580-5736.